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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is a Tirokdo/Secret Santa?

It's a nice way, not expensive to give and receive gifts! You have a group (family, friends, colleagues) who agree to participate, then each person draw lots, in secret, for another person.

Everyone gets together and gives everyone a gift. On the occasion of Christmas, a draw for gifts is organized in many families.

More information about the Secret Santa.

How to organize a Secret with Tirokdo?

The principle is simple: as with a traditional hat draw, simply follow these steps to organize a Tirokdo:

  • 1. Organize a Secret Santa (or other party) with family, friends or colleagues an event during which each participant will give a gift to another
  • 2. Define the rules of the game (price, theme gifts, etc.).

  • 3. Save all participants with their email addresses and confirm your draw
  • 4. Each participant will then receive by email an invitation to discover to whom he will offer his gift among all the others. The lucky winner will know him only the day!

  • 5. Finally, check that everyone has accessed its draw by visiting your personal page Follow my Tirokdo

At what age can you play?

There is no minimum age, nor age limit.
See for yourself then how you want to involve children (with adults, with a dedicated print, etc.).

For example, you can create a Tirokdo reserved only for children.

For senior people, if they are not connected they can use the email of an other participant  (an email address can be used several times in a same draw).

How many people can play?

A minimum of three participants is required, and the limit is 50 participants. If this limit restricts you, you can contact us we will find a solution.
Secret Santa gift

One participant did not receive the invitation email what to do?

If a participant has not received the email, there are several possible causes:

- the email address may be incorrect

- or blocked / received in the anti-spam box (especially if it is an e-mail business).

In all cases, you can go through your page 'Follow my Tirokdo, change the email address of the participant, if required, and send him a new invitation e-mail (of course, this new email will not change his draw which has already been set when you created your Tirokdo).

It is hoped that some participants can not fall on others in the draw, how?

You can define exclusion rules when creating your Tirokdo.

The 'excluded Participants' column allows you to define the rules of exclusion, by selecting the participant numbers  that another participant can not draw.

As an organizer, you can specify these rules of exclusion in your description of the rules of the game.

Example: avoid gifts in couple, between brothers/sisters, colleagues of a same team etc. But stay reasonable if you want the draw be possible.

A participant has no email, what to do?

To work around this, you can, for this participant, enter the email address of a person (whether or not participating) to receive the invitation e-mail.

This person could then give him access to the online draw (if possible without seeing the result, if they participate in the same draw).

A person withdrew or you have a new participant after the draw, what to do?

As in a real draw, it is difficult to add or remove participants once the print made.

However, you have the option if time permits to completely relaunch the draw with the new list of participants.

But beware, the new draw will designate probably for existing participants, a new recipient of their gift (if already prepared...)


Need help? 

You can contact us by email, click on the following link contact us.

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